Navneet Ahluwalia (Panasonic) (Gurgaon)

I was looking for a place to relax, to get out of the world, to have time for me and on top of that, discover this beautiful life practice, the Meditation, Healings & yoga. You were our guide for these 10 days, through different approaches of meditation, asanas, diets, kriyas... Thank you for that, I wish you to continue to help people to find their way to the light. I wish you love, health and cosmic communion, I will follow your lessons.

Ruchi Chhabra (Gzb.)

Life Reform – Mediation not only has phenomenal teachers but the atmosphere makes you relax and helps you forget about your worries. These classes are perfect for those wanting to push yourself mentally and physically. There are also many healing classes I've been personally attending and the benefits from the techniques that are taught have been life changing for me! Everyone is always very encouraging to one another at LRS whether you are an experienced practitioner or someone who is looking to start a practice. You won't find anywhere better to start in the area, I guarantee it!

Ravinder Singh (Delhi)

Life Reform Services – Meditation / Healings. I have taken ten or so classes here so far and each one has been perfectly healing and challenging. Classes are intimate, allowing for plenty of one-on- one adjustments from the instructors. All the instructors have really different styles, and the classes cover many genres of Mediation / Healings. I am so glad I found LRS.

Niti Aggarwal (ICICI Bank, Delhi)

Life reform services pvt. Ltd. - a step towards bringing change in your life...A perfect place where you can ease your stress and bring back ur peace and stability. My job profile was such that i did not have peace even at home thus having my personal life at stake. There was mental tension, stress and anxiety. I heard of this organization through a colleague and thought of trying its meditation classes, within a week i realized of positive changes in my life. I started taking life in a positive way and also started prioritizing my things. This itself was a great step towards balancing my inner self. I really liked the services and would recommend to try meditation for your own good.

Parmita Singh (Kaushambhi, Ghaziabad)
Life Reform Services is the perfect search for those who wants to meditate in a soothing and in a relaxing way. Their healing therapy makes you forget everything and helps you to find the new you. The instructors of the organisation are so helpful and cooperative and the process which they follow is totally different from others. I suggest and recommend everybody that atleast try their services once to feel the experience.
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