Mindology is a tool through which you can identify your Inborn talent. It's the scientific study of ridged skin patterns found on fingers, palms, toes and soles.

Mindology Test is a combined scientific study of Brain Lobes, 8 Multiple Intelligences & Human Psychology, with the help of fingerprints.

It tells us about brain structure of an individual, his personalities, Performance, his strength, weakness, etc…

Fingerprints and Brain Connection

Fingerprints truly are closely associated with the infant's mind development. Fingerprints starts developing during the 13th Week and completes at around 19th week of conception.

That's the time our brain is developing as well so there is a deep connection between fingerprint patterns and Human Brain lobes.

The absence of brain is associated with the absence of fingerprints as well.

Fingerprints and Brain Lobes

Brain Lobes can be analyzed depending on formation and amount of ridge present in the finger prints. Medical experts confirmed that each person's finger prints are unique. Fingerprints demonstrate different types of characteristics, even identical twin babies also. The syndication of fingerprints is recognized as represent of human brain cells. Fingerprint development depends on proportion & distribution of brain lobes. Children with learning difficulties will vary fingerprints in comparison to talented children's Fingerprints will never change in our lifetime. There is also none in the world that have same fingerprints as ours, which enables us to be uniquely. Hence veryone is unique and special !!!

You are UNIQUE and MINDOLOGY helps you identify your capabilities.

Uses of Mindology


– Strengthen interpersonal
– Communication and interaction skills
– Know how to appreciate people
– Improve relations between the sexes
– Enhance EQ and AQ
– Discover one's unique gift(s)
– Improve career
– Enhance the sense of the value of life and happiness

– Multiple intelligence assessment for children
– Parent-child communication and education
– Target at talents
– Personalized education
– Identified one's gifted area(s)
– Select a major that best fit one's desired career path
– Define the most appropriate way of teaching and learning
– Recruitment
– Assessment of job competency and execution style
– Plan education and training
– Explore the potential of employee
– Leadership
– Interpersonal communication and interaction
– Consolidation of human resources

Identify Areas of Strength Through Mindology

You can identify your child's areas of strength by analyzing his / her fingerprints.

It represents Logic & reasoning.

It reflects the left brain, which controls knowledge, reasoning and thinking.

– Thumb: ability to manage one self; reasoning and self-control.
– Index finger: logical reasoning, the ability to manage numbers.
– Middle: ability to control fine motor.
– Ring finger: language ability.
– Little finger: observation, reading, and comprehension ability.

It represents Feelings.

It reflects the right brain, which is responsible for self-control & subconscious.

– Thumb: creativity, interpersonal and leadership skills.
– Index finger: artistic concepts.
– Middle: ability to control gross motor.
– Ring finger: melody and music; the ability to process and appreciate music.
– Little finger: image, the ability to determine abstract patterns & visual sense.


– Self-Awareness : A recognition of self, own strengths and weakness.
– Critical Thinking : Be Objective & Analytical.
– Problem Solving : Analyzing Problem. Finding & Implementing correct solutions.
– Innovative Thinking : A unique or different way of seeing things.
– Empathy : Ability to understand & care about other people needs & emotions.
– Critical Thinking : Being Analytical.
– Interpersonal Relationship.
– Effective Communication.
– Dealing with Stress.
– Handling Emotions.
– Discover whether he is a Left Brain Dominant or Right Brain Dominant
– Discover the Stream Selection in Studies
– Discover his Career Options
– Discover his Recommended Extra Curricular Activities
– Discover the level of his 8 Multiple Intelligence

Mindology theory has identified eight distinct intelligences. It documents the extent to which an individual possess different kinds of minds and therefore learn, remember, perform, and understand in different ways.

Mindology Analysis Procedure:

Collecting Fingerprints
A detailed Analytical report will be generated on the basis of Fingerprints.
Consultants will analyze individual behavior and study habits to achieve the most accurate results.


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