Memory….How to Enhance It
This interactive workshop teaches how to improve and maintain the effectiveness of your memory. Recognizing how your brain processes and stores data will enhance our ability to expand those functions even as you age.  Employing certain practices appropriate for you, as well as a healthy lifestyle will greatly enhance your ability to recall what you need.
Memory is power in your service, business, professional life, remembering client's name, mobile nos., key information, important facts gives you a winning edge in the competition era.

Benefits of Memory Enhancement
– Quick techniques to memorize vocabulary, at least, one hundred words per day while not forgetting.
– Quick techniques for learning GK, Biological Diagrams, Circuits, Maps and Formulae.
– Able to memorize difficult vocabulary words.
– Memorize Long Answers, Theory in points.
– Quick recall for complicated formulae and equations.
– Able to memorize Maths Formulae.
– Learn to remember Practical Techniques.
– Instantly recall important facts & figures.
– Learn Quick methods to improve Memorizing speed.
– Perfect strategies on "How to Study Effectively ".
– Memorize a whole book.
– Become more self-confidence and self-reliant.
– Become more organized and Time-efficient.
– Remove Exam Phobia & improve Concentration.
– Remember Appointments & commitments.
– Increase your friends & maintain Relations.
– Enhance Creativity.

Duration of How to Improve Your Memory
60 minutes to 16 hours.

Contents of How to Improve Your Memory

– Long chapters
– Vocabulary (Part 1)
– Vocabulary (Part 2)
– Foreign Vocabulary
– Definitions
– Indian States and Capitals
– American States and Capitals
– Minerals and Places
– Rivers and Places
– Inventions and Inventors
– Countries and Capitals
– Countries and Currencies
– Countries and Parliaments
– Books and Authors
– Disease and Part of the Body Effected
– Remembering Phobias
– Names and Faces
– Spellings
– Rhyme Method
– Shape Method
– Value Method
– History Dates
– Melting Points
– Boiling Points
– Sections and Sub- Sections
– Remembering 50 Digit Long Number
– Phonetic Method
– Chemical Processes

– Chemical Formulae
– Chemical Equations
– The Journey Method
– The List Method
– Shopping List
– Appointments
– Maps
– Road Maps
– Measuring Units

– Scientific Revision Plan
– Biological Diagrams
– Memorizing Formulae (Physics)
– Memorizing Formulae (Maths)
– POPCORN Method
– Story Method
– Memorizing Random Words
– Keyword Method for Long Theory
– Learning Theory in Points
– Delivering Speeches without Notes
– Reactivity Series of Metals
– Frequencies and Wavelengths
– Learning Scientific Terminology
– Objective Type Questions
– How to Study Effectively
– Concentration Techniques
– Emergency Mental Tool Box
– Periodic Table (All 118 Elements)


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